The Community Basketball League (CBL) launched in January of 2007, and has just commenced its 20th season for September - November 2016. In its inaugural season 19 clubs fielded 42 teams in 8 divisions (Boys & Girls U12 – 20) for a total of 140 games, which involved a total of 480 participants. The 2018, Season Jan - May saw a total of 135 teams across 17 Divisions with now over 1400 participants.

What is a community League?

Unlike school competitions, whereby team members are selected on a performance basis, and are required to be registered as full time students in order to take part, the CBL places no restriction on anyone wanting to join a club within the CBL. More importantly, schools and/or neighbourhood groups who are looking for players can recruit players from a wider community.

The CBL provides leagues for Under 10 to Under 18 age groups for both boys and girls.

Age Groups

The CBL provides up to 4 ability divisions (Div.3 - Beginner, Div.2 Intermediate, Div.1 Advanced/Elite)



Information accurate as of August 2016

The core clubs within the CBL each have four or more teams:

Core Clubs:
Stingers Basketball Club - 19 teams
Grizzlies Basketball Club - 9 teams
Fast Break Basketball Club - 11 teams
Sharks Basketball Club - 22 teams
Jaguars - 6 teams

Non-Core Clubs:
The CBL has 32 non-core clubs with a total of up to 150 teams

Who can join the CBL?

The league is open to all teams regardless of ability, skill level, race, nationality. Everyone is welcome!
You don't even need to be members of a major basketball club. 

The entry fee is $100 per team. Medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd placing in each league division.

The cost for game officials is split between both competing teams and is payable to the officials in cash on the game day


League games take place at the following venues:

UWC - United World College (Dover)
TTS - Tanglin Trust School
AIS - Australian International School
CIS - Canadian International School
UWC - United World College (East)
SAS - Singapore American School
Semifinals - AIS - Australian International School
Finals - UWC - United World College (Dover)

CBL Venues

The CBL is administered by the CBL Committee, which invites representatives from each club to assist with the organization of the competition. The CBL Committee makes decision regarding matters and issues related to ’rules & regulations', ’season scheduling' and ’disciplinary matters'.

APSM is the initiator, founder and owner of the CBL since January 2007. Thus all marketing activities and commercial ownership of the CBL is solely with APSM Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company.

  • Chairman – Mr. Ulli Niedermeyer (APSM)
  • Mr. Pathman Matialakan – NPS Jaguars Basketball Club
  • Mr. John McAuliffe – Stingers Basketball Club (Vice Chair)
  • Ms. Irish Tan – Grizzlies Basketball Club
  • Ms. Jade Nunan – AIS Sharks Basketball Club
  • Mr. Kiran Nagesh – Fastbreak Basketball Club

CBL Committee